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 A Living Witness and Miracle!


 I am a living witness to the "Mighty Power" of God.  The enemy tried to take me out on Wednesday evening, February 6, 2008 when two young men pulled a gun on me in my driveway as I was clearing the drive of snow.  I was ordered to walk up the drive and lead them into our home.  I immediately began to pray out loud and then silently for Gods' help and rescue all the way up the drive.

Just as I reached the door to our family room, God performed a miracle.  With supernatural speed, agility and quickness, He moved me swiftly through the door, catching them by surprise. The door was nearly closed when one shot rang out hitting me in the right buttock and exiting near my groin area.  By the time he fired his final two shots from a 38 calibre pistol the door was closed and locked.  The two bullets went through the solid door and through my coat sleeve and the body of my coat, but Thank God, both missed me.  God had directed those bullets, which were meant to kill me, in such a way that the bullet that did strike me did no serious damage. 

Recently we discovered the one missing bullet the police could not find.  It was located in the arm of our couch; the one my wife would have been sitting in had she been in the family room. She would have been shot in the chest or heart,  but thank God, He stopped the enemy from carrying out his plan to destroy us!

The doctors, after the CT Scan, said I was a lucky man because the bullet traveled only through muscle and did not strike any vital artery, bone or nerves...I said "no doctor, I am a blessed man, because God guided that bullet through my body."

I know that my redeemer lives!  I know that God is a very present help in time of trouble and He is our refuge, our shield, our high tower! And Jesus Christ is Lord of all!   I praise His Holy Name!

The rest of the story: 12 days later there was a report of an armed man at a motel in Burbank IL.  The police arrived and a shootout ensued.  One of the young men was killed and the other wounded by the police.  The young man who was killed was the same person who had attempted to rob us and who shot me, the other man was his accomplice.  We had prayed that they would be apprehended before they were hurt or killed, but our God is Sovereign and He can and will bring swift judgment when He wills it to be so.

Know, for sure, that we serve a mighty God!  He is mighty in power and mighty to save! We praise His Holy Name!

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