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Hope, The Soul's Anchor

When we face trials, temptations and storms in our lives we need an anchor! 

The difficulties that constantly overwhelm us wear us down emotionally.  We need supernatural help.  We cannot get that help from men.  Scripture tells us this in Jeremiah 17:5, "Cursed is the man that trusts in man."  Our trust must be in God.  He is our soul's anchor.  He can quiet the storms in life.  God is the only one who can hold us steady.

Learn how to trust God to bring stability into your life!



Have Faith in God

Prayer is a privilege.  Prayer is a vast reservoir of power.  It is the mightiest force in the world.

We are called to pray.  We are told to pray.  We are invited into the throne room to meet with The Father; The Lord God Almighty. There is no greater communion than the one we have with The Father.

Our greatest needs are met in the throne room.

Find out how to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and then watch your life change as you learn to communicate with and adore the Father.


Proverbs 23:7 says, "As a man thinks in his heart so is he."

The mind is the place that controls the person.  The mind is powerful and can be used for good or evil.

Thought seeds have been planted in our minds from the day we were born.  Obviously, babies and children's  minds are well prepared for the seeds that are planted in their minds.  Those seeds which are planted will produce fruit.

Good thought seeds sown in good soil bring forth good fruit; bad thought seeds will bring forth rotten fruit and weeds.

God is a good gardener. How is your garden growing? 

Learn which seeds have been producing weeds and thorns in your life.  As you listen to this teaching, Rev. Ellis will describe things that were planted in your subconscious mind that are causing some of the difficulties you are facing. 

Learn how to overcome your difficulties! 

God wants to renovate your thinking and renew your mind by planting new seeds which will transform your life, give you new power and bring forth the fruit of the Spirit.

True Repentance

The prophet Joel was given a word from God to speak to the tribe of Judah.  He was to warn the nation of a coming plague that God was going to allow because of their sins and rebellion.

The people were told to fast and pray and not to do the usual ripping of their clothes and throwing ashes on themselves.  They were instructed to turn from their sins and rend their hearts and not their garments. 

The natural eye does not see the soul of man, but God does.  Hear this word today and learn how to tear down the strongholds in your mind that defeat you and cause you to be ineffective. 

Hear this teaching and learn to break loose from the yoke of bondage.  Tear away from destructive thoughts and hear this woman of God speak to your heart and bring healing to you.


When we do something wrong, we feel guilt and condemnation. 

When we experience humiliation, rejection, name calling and abuse we are shamed.  Shame takes away self-worth and causes you to believe you have no value, place or beauty.  You become shame. It's not what you feel, it's what you believe you have become.

Daniel Webster defines shame as, (1) a painful feeling of guilt, indecency; (2) dishonor, disgrace; (3) something unfortunate or outrageous.

Shame has destroyed more lives than bullets and crippled more souls than all the wars that have ever been fought.

In this message, Rev. Ellis reveals that shame has been defeated!  God has the weapons and the power that defeats shame!  You will be assured of God's delivering power as you listen to this teaching.

If you have been held in bondage by shame, you can be set free as you walk through the Word.  You will be shown the way to freedom and restoration.

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